Which French healthcare system needs attention?

A new survey by the Paris-based International Institute for Research in Health Policy and Management (IIHRPM) found that French healthcare systems do not have the highest level of attention to health care quality in their countries, according to the study.

The study also found that the quality of healthcare is lower in the US and Canada than in France.

“There is a lack of attention and resources for people who need it, especially for the elderly,” says study author Laurent Pouillet.

“People with health problems need help to stay healthy and for the system to be responsive.”

The IHRPM surveyed 2,200 French adults ages 18 and older, covering a wide variety of health issues including diet, sleep, social issues, smoking and exercise.

It found that one third of French respondents reported that their health system was lacking in quality of care and that only 37 percent of French residents feel satisfied with their health care.

“In the US, we see that healthcare is much better.

However, healthcare in France is not better than in the United States, and the quality is not as good,” Pouille told CNN Health.

The IIHRPM said the lack of emphasis on quality care is likely due to the lack, or perceived lack, of resources in France, as well as a lack in communication and coordination between health care providers.

“In France, people are aware that the system does not have enough resources, and it is often hard for people to find and access health care,” the report says.

“It is hard to find the right doctors for the right people.”

The IIHPPM’s study also highlighted that the French system is also not prepared for a pandemic, which has been the major concern of many health care organizations.

“Healthcare is a priority in France,” says Pouillard.

“But it has to be better.”

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