Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi on track to be hit by new regulations

Mercedes-Honda has confirmed it is preparing to introduce a “new” set of regulations to combat “attention-seeking behaviour” at the 2018 Formula E race in China.

Speaking to Auto Motor und Sport, Mercedes-Brunswick boss Paul Hembery said the changes will take effect from January 1st and affect all manufacturers, including the new Mercedes-AMG team.

“This is the third time in the last three years we have had the same issue in the sport of Formula E,” Hemberys said.

“The first time was in 2016, and the second time was with the McLaren-Hazan team.

So we will see, we have already received feedback from the manufacturers, and they all agree that this is an important step to reduce the attention seeking behaviour that we see at Formula E races.””

The rules, which we are now finalising, are about keeping people in the race with the best possible car and the best technology, and also about reducing the amount of attention-seeking and speeding in the game.””

We will have a new regulation which we will release next week and will be based on the feedback from everyone, including those who are already involved in the Formula E racing programme,” Humberys added.”

We have already done a review of all the different aspects of the sport, including what we have seen in the past, what we see on the race track, and what we are seeing in the real world.”

It is about keeping our sport, the fans and the fans of the race together, and that is why we have to do everything possible to help keep the race going.

“A ‘zero tolerance’ approachHemberys explained the new regulations would “keep people safe and help make the race safer”.”

It will be a zero tolerance policy for anyone who is distracted or aggressive.

The new regulations have been drawn up in a very strong and clear way.

This is about creating a better racing environment and a safer race.

“I know that this will make it very difficult for drivers to overtake or pass others.

But this is not about the drivers.

To achieve that, drivers will have to slow as much as possible and make sure they do not make contact with the barriers and the people who are in the spaces around them.”””

The new regulations will allow drivers to slow down, get into the space that they need to be and then drive the car safely.”

To achieve that, drivers will have to slow as much as possible and make sure they do not make contact with the barriers and the people who are in the spaces around them.””

I think it is important that we make sure that the safety of our race-goers is the main focus.

This can only happen if we can ensure that everyone in the racing environment can be part of the equation.””

There are rules that must be respected in order for us to achieve a safe and competitive racing environment for everyone.

These rules include: a) having everyone wear a helmet, which means everyone must wear one, and b) keeping all cars to a maximum speed of 35km/h.

“There will be strict rules for all the cars in the circuit.

This includes the following: a.) no one can hit the barriers, including other drivers; b.) the driver should not overtake another car on the track; c.) there is a limit of five people per car, no more; d) no one in the front row should be allowed to pass anyone behind them; e) no more than five people behind a driver can be in the middle of the track.”

If we can’t make everyone happy, then there will be no race.

We have to make sure everyone is happy.

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