Canada’s top lawyer says women should be able to ask for more privacy

The Canadian Bar Association has called for women to be able the request more privacy and to have more control over what information is shared with them.

It’s part of a report that says there needs to be a “balanced balance” between protecting privacy and ensuring privacy is protected.

The report also calls for the federal government to review how much it shares information with police and prosecutors.

The Canadian Bar says the current approach is not working for women.

The association said a recent survey showed nearly three-quarters of respondents said they had no access to the information that is being shared by the government.

The government is already required to release that information annually.

But in a report published Friday, CBA’s deputy president of justice and privacy, Julie Lakhani, said the current system for sharing data about women’s private lives doesn’t address the needs of women and girls.

“Women and girls who need access to privacy information are not getting it,” Ms. Lakhian wrote.

She said the government needs to look at whether there are ways to better balance privacy with access to data.

Ms. Lkhani also said that as Canadians, we need to do more to address the issues of sexual assault, harassment, stalking and bullying.

Mr. Horgan, the former MP, said his opposition to the report is not based on politics, but on the issue of privacy.

He said it is important to get more information from government and better protect people’s privacy.

“I think what we should be doing is working with the government and making sure they’re doing their part to help people get the information they need and that we’re making sure that our own information is being protected as well,” he said.

Earlier this year, Ms. Li said the report did not address the importance of having access to police records and to the government’s ability to share that information.