How to buy attention, with a little crunchbase

When you want to buy an attention-giving snack, you’ve got to crunch it.

Crunchbase, the analytics firm that helped bring attention-purchasing to the masses, released a study last month that found that the average customer spends $200 on attention products, and that the most common types of attention-buying include snacks, drinks, snacks with high-calorie content, and candies.

So how do you make crunch-packed candies the most popular types of snack?

Crunchbase is offering a free Crunchbase App that will help you learn about the latest trends and trends in snack eating.

In fact, it’s the app’s mission to “explore trends in the world of snack eating, providing users with the best information on snack brands, trends, trends and consumer tastes,” according to a Crunchbase press release.

CrunchBase will offer up to 100,000 insights and trends for you to explore, and the company says you can learn more about Crunchbase and Crunchbase’s products through Crunchbase Spotlight.

The company has also launched a CrunchBase News app for Apple and Android devices, which will let you dive into the latest news from the Crunchbase community and get insights on products and trends from Crunchbase employees.

It’s a great way to get an idea of how Crunchbase thinks about the market and what products and products can be most successful.

It’ll be interesting to see how CrunchBase uses the app to drive engagement.

And while the app will only allow you to search for Crunchbase products, you can also add other brands to your list.

So if you’re a big fan of CrunchBase and want to know what other companies are offering, you’ll have to dig a little deeper.