Wale attention-deficit disorder meme gets attention, Twitter users respond

Twitter users have responded to a meme claiming to show the effects of an attention deficit disorder.

The image of a woman with a purple wig, a necklace, and glasses was posted by a user called WaleattentionDeficit.com.

The meme was first spotted on Facebook by the Twitter user @waleattentacd.

The user later tweeted the image to his 20 million followers.

The woman’s hair is the colour of a rainbow and her eyes are closed, with the caption “I just wanted to be like everyone else.”

A number of Twitter users immediately picked up on the image and began to post comments about it.

@Waleattattentecd commented, “Oh my God.

This is hilarious!”

Another user, @bobkawhite, commented, “@waleatentacde I was actually wondering how you got the wig on.

You’re just like everybody else.”

“Wale Attention Deficit Disorder is a mental disorder that causes you to pay attention to details and focus too much on the things that matter,” the caption of the image read.

“The more details you pay attention, the more focus you have.

It is not a disease.”

Some Twitter users shared their thoughts on the picture, including @kirkkotan who said, “I’m glad someone took the time to write this,” adding, “Wearing purple wig is a symbol of the attention deficit.”

Another user @kylewatson tweeted, “@wale_attent_d I’m so happy you can wear the wig.

I’ve had this disease for years, and the wig just makes it worse.



@bobykawhat said this, and he knows this too,” @walshie wrote.

“I wonder if he’ll be able to get me a wig.

If he does, I’m going to be so happy.”

Another Twitter user, (@nathanvanderbilt) posted, “What a beautiful day for #wale.

The wig is so important, it’s just a great symbol of attention deficit and the way we all try to get everything done on a daily basis.”

A user called @nadinebacon tweeted, “@WaleAttentionDeficd I can’t believe you wore a purple hat to the gym, you should be ashamed.

How is that supposed to get you anything done?”

The user went on to say, “You are not alone in your struggles with attention deficit.

Your parents or anyone else you love has a problem, too.

You are not a problem.

You deserve better than this.”

A woman who said she is Wale said, “@bob_kawhash @wallettentecde you have no idea how much I love you, I think of you every day and it hurts.

I’m not angry.

I just want you to know that I am with you.”

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