Trump’s ‘alt-right’ supporters are in over their heads

Vice News | The Trump campaign has a problem with a lot of its supporters.

They’re white and male.

They’ve never worked for the candidate.

And they’re fed up with the status quo.

They’re not Trump voters.

The Republican candidate’s own advisers say that’s an exaggeration, but a number of them are.

And as they become more and more alienated from Trump and his policies, they’re starting to look at the Republican party as a kind of cult.

“The alt-right is the cult of the alt-left,” says Ben Shapiro, a prominent Trump critic and a former editor of Breitbart News.

“They’re the ones that think this is our party, that we are all one.”

Trump supporters like Shapiro are frustrated that they’re not a part of the political mainstream, a group that has been left out of his coronation and has seen its popularity drop significantly in recent weeks.

They say the Republican Party, which has historically been pro-white and anti-LGBTQ, has done little to offer them the same level of representation.

“I don’t want to be part of a party that is, ‘Hey, you know, we are anti-white, anti-male, anti-’cause we’re just not going to have you,'” Shapiro said.

“It’s not true.

We have a long history of people of color and women and other marginalized groups being represented.

It’s not what the GOP stands for.”

Shapiro has long been critical of the Republican National Committee, saying its leaders have been too focused on the race of their candidates to invest in the issues of the day.

The RNC, he said, has not made the effort to make its own candidate more appealing to those voters.

He believes that Trump and the GOP are losing their way, and the party has failed to appeal to the younger voters who are critical of Trump.

Trump himself is not buying it.

He said in an interview with the Washington Post that his party has been out of touch with voters, that it’s not doing enough to speak out against racism, that the party needs to be more “diverse” and that he wants to make the party more inclusive.

In an interview Monday with Politico, Shapiro said he and other Trump supporters believe that Trump is making them feel unwelcome because he’s not reaching out to the broader Republican electorate.

“You’re supposed to be the voice of the American people, you’re supposed be the candidate of the people.

He is the voice for the rich and the powerful,” Shapiro said of Trump in the interview.

“And you’re not even talking to the average American voter.”

Shapiro said that his frustrations were evident in the way he saw the GOP as being divided.

He noted that many of his supporters are members of the “alt-left” group.

Shapiro has written extensively about the rise of the white nationalist movement in the U.S. and said that, by far, the most vocal and influential members of this movement are white men.

He also argued that white supremacists have been “more aggressive” in their attacks on the LGBT community and the Black community than other groups.

“I think the party is becoming more white and less diverse and less inclusive,” Shapiro told Politico.

“We are not winning anymore.

We are not a party of people.”