Why I’m so excited to hear what new games we’ll be playing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 soon

The next few months are going to be exciting for a lot of people.

With all the excitement over the Xbox One X, and the next-gen PS4 Pro, there is a lot to talk about.

So here are some of the most interesting titles to look forward to, and a few that we’ll probably be playing around with when the console’s launch arrives in early 2018.1.

Darksiders 2D: the game that changed the way you play the genreThis is going to take some getting used to, but this game is one of the games that made me fall in love with the genre.

Its so fun, and its so fast, and it lets you explore a world filled with monsters, magic, and mayhem, but it’s also so much more.

The game also features some of Darksider 2’s most impressive new features, including a new boss fight, an entirely new character class, and even an extra boss.

If you want to play it before the release date, Darksides 2D is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in early 2019.2.

The Division 2D’s world is the most immersive yetThe game’s story takes place in a dystopian world of zombies and aliens, and as players explore it, they’ll be exploring an entirely different world than they would in previous Darkside games.

There’s a new weapon called a gun that can be equipped, and when it’s used, you can transform into an alien-like creature, with a variety of abilities and special abilities.

These weapons have different properties, and they can be useful for attacking enemies, or for making sure that they can’t escape.

There are also some special abilities, like the ability to “kill” a specific enemy by simply pointing a gun at them, which is an important feature in the game.

There is also a new map in the form of a world map, which gives you a clear view of what you’re in the world of Diaspora, where the events that you’ve seen so far are taking place.3.

Minecraft: Story ModeDiaspora’s story mode is a series of stories set in a virtual world, and each story is a new challenge, new place to explore, and new characters to meet.

These stories can take place in any order, and some of them take place simultaneously.

So, while you’re playing Diasporas story mode, you might find yourself exploring an abandoned mine or building a giant tower.

Some of these places are also open-world, which means that you can jump from one location to another and explore.

Diasperes story mode will feature a massive open-map map, so you can explore everything, and explore them all in a variety the way Diasporta would have.

It’s not just open- world, it’s a game that will let you explore worlds and places that you might not have been able to before, and is definitely something to look out for when the game launches.4.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildNintendo’s latest game is taking place in an expansive open world filled entirely with characters from the Legend of Heroes series, and has a lot going on in the same world.

In Diaspera, Link has a mysterious past, a powerful sword called the Triforce, and other characters from other games.

In the game, Link will use his sword to take down various enemies and bosses, as well as collect all of the hidden objects in the Diaspyrean landscape.

And, of course, Link can find and collect the Triffes from different places in the entire world, all of which are tied together in a big epic quest.

While the game is mostly open-ended, there are several optional side quests that take Link through various parts of the world, which adds a new level of replayability and variety.5.

Resident Evil 7: biohazardThe Resident Evil series is often considered the epitome of horror, but in the Resident Evil games, there’s an entire genre of games where you have to overcome various obstacles in order to complete certain objectives.

There were a number of Resident Evil 8 games that used this same formula, and many of the challenges you’ll face in the next three games take place within the Diospora setting.

There will be a lot more of these challenges in the upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations 2.6.

Super Mario Maker Mario is one the most popular games in the Mario franchise, and there’s a lot that makes it feel like a modern-day Mario title.

But, when the series was first released in 2005, it was also the first time Nintendo ever made a video game based on a Nintendo 64 game.

And so, with the first Mario game on the Wii U, it made for a great launch title, as it had a big impact on the entire industry.

And it’s no coincidence that the Wii is the first console

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