Shinedown, ‘Shinedown’ lyrics, ‘We Are’ praise,dubstep spotlight

Shinedout’s new album ‘We Have Always’ has earned rave reviews from critics and listeners alike, earning it a spot on the Billboard 200.

The song “We Are” was nominated for an Alternative Album of the Year Grammy in 2016.

The singer-songwriter is currently touring with his band The Black Dahlia Murder and his newest studio album ‘Shining’ is out on March 22, 2018.

“We are,” the track begins with a chorus of “We’re not like any other girls/ We’re not the usual girls/ But we have always been a shining beacon/ Of hope.”

Shinedo has been working with producers Tiesto, N.E.R.D., and Dua Lipa to produce the album.

Shinedout was nominated at this year’s Alternative Album Awards, but he was unable to win due to the nominations being announced earlier in the year.

“I just didn’t feel the right time to have it at the time,” Shinedousaid.

“So, I think I’m a bit tired of it.

I’ve got my mind on other things.”

Shoredrums first major-label album ‘The Shoredrum’ was released in February 2018.

He has been in the studio for the past two months recording a number of new tracks, including his new single “The Shower,” which debuted on the radio on March 5.

Showed the spotlight, Shoredream has been busy touring, releasing a pair of new studio albums in May and August.

“My Favorite Way,” the third studio album from the singer-actress, will be released on May 10.

The tracklist is as follows:1.



“No More”4.

“Don’t Touch Me”5.

“The Lighthouse”6.

“Favourite Girl”7.

“Mellow Train”8.

“Dance Party”9.

“Piano Magic”10.

“Boys Don’t Cry”11.

“Let’s Go Home”12.


“What If I Did This”14.

“You Know It’s Real”15.

“Nothing Can Stop Us”16.

“A New Day”17.

“Wish You Were Here”18.

“Do Not Stop”19.

“Be Your Own Man”20.


“St. Patrick’s Day”22.

“Good Luck”23.

“It’s Just Me”24.

“Dreaming Of You”25.

“Everything Is Beautiful”26.

“All of Me”27.

“Feel It Still”28.

“Just One More Day”29.

“Say Yes”30.

“Love Is All I Ever Wanted”31.


“Make Believe”33.

“Come Back To Me”34.

“If I Had a Heart”35.

“One Last Time”36.

“Stay Away”37.

“Cherish You”38.


“This Is All My Fault”40.

“Never Ending”41.


“Where Is Your Love”43.

“Please Please Me”44.

“Take Me Home”45.






“Give It Up”51.

“Something To Do”52.


“Not Alone”54.

“Better Off Alone”55.

“When I’m With You”56.


“That’s It”58.

“Keep On Dreaming”59.

“There Is”60.

“Hold On”61.

“Thank You”62.

“Like A Prayer”63.

“Why Don’t You Just Come Home”64.

“Baby One More Time”65.

“Who Am I”66.

“Get The Fuck Out”67.

“Can’t Wait”68.

“Too Much”69.

“She’s So Good”70.

“Bad Romance”71.

“Tell Me How”72.

“Only One”73.

“Little Light”74.


“Touch Me”76.

“Feels Like Home”77.


“Are You Ready?”79.

“Close Your Eyes”80.

“Forgive Me”81.

“Sweet Dreams”82.

“Summer Song”83.


“How Long?”85.

“Walk Like You Mean It”86.

“Me and You”87.



“Rockin’ in the Free World”90.