‘The only thing worse than being ignored’

More than one-third of Americans say they don’t mind being ignored, according to a new survey.

The survey, conducted by the Harris Poll for CNN, found that 56% of Americans said they wouldn’t mind receiving an “inappropriate” or “inaccurate” compliment, while 32% said they would be bothered if they were complimented in a negative way.

Just over a quarter of Americans — 23% — said they have no problem with being complimented, while 19% said it doesn’t bother them at all.

“Americans have grown increasingly concerned with how social interactions affect their health, relationships, and their mental health,” said Michael J. Siegel, president of Harris Poll.

“We found that while most Americans have seen an increase in the number of people saying they would not mind receiving a compliment in the last year, only about half of them have experienced a change in how they respond to a compliment.”

Most of the time, when a compliment is being received, the complimenter doesn’t notice or respond.

“The poll found that the more the complimenters responded positively to the compliment, the more likely they were to have positive feelings about the compliment.

About one-in-four Americans said that a compliment was the best thing they’ve ever received, while nearly a third said that they would have a positive experience if a compliment were given.

More than half of Americans surveyed said they’ve had more than one compliment in a single day.”

The Harris Poll is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, nonprofit research organization with more than 700,000 members across the country. “

It’s time for us to change the way we approach and respond to compliments.”

The Harris Poll is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, nonprofit research organization with more than 700,000 members across the country.

Its mission is to inform and informally inform the American public on a wide range of public policy issues through research and analysis.

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