How to pick the right footballs for your team

The most important aspect of a football is its accuracy, but the next thing that’s important is its throwability.

That’s why the NFL is looking to upgrade its throwers, especially when it comes to the accuracy of the ball.

As of the 2018 season, the league is experimenting with the use of more powerful, higher-power balls, and those balls are now being used more often, per

The league is also encouraging teams to throw them more frequently to keep the ball moving faster and longer.

According to Pro Football Focus, the NFL averaged 7.7 yards per pass in 2018, the third-lowest average in the NFL.

The NFL average for throws completed in the air was 4.8 yards per attempt.

The NFL is also experimenting with throwing a ball with less velocity to increase accuracy.

The more balls the league throws, the more accurate they’ll be.

The next step in the evolution of the NFL’s throwers is to make sure they’re using the ball well, with more speed and velocity.