“The Future Is Always in View”

A reader sent in a link to an article that talks about how the future will look like, and then some.

“A future is always in view,” it begins.

“When you see a new car, you’ll know how it will look.

You’ll know if it has the right materials.

You will know if the paint is as good as it was a few years ago.

You can feel how well it works.

And you’ll even know whether or not it’s a real car.

So when you see new cars, you know exactly what to expect.”

The article then goes on to talk about how cars will change, with a number of topics including the type of powertrains being developed, how cars and trucks will adapt to autonomous driving, and how cars are changing their shape.

The article also notes that this is just the beginning of the future.

“If we have a driverless car, the road will be less paved, but we will see new types of roads,” the article says.

“The roads will change from highways to dirt roads, from sidewalks to parking lots, from city streets to the highways of tomorrow.”

There is one other part of the article that really gets to the future, though.

“This future will be much more like the past,” the author wrote.

“We will still need a lot of people, but our society will be more egalitarian, and people will be happier and more fulfilled.

We will still live in cities and towns, and we will still see a lot more people.

We are not going to change the planet and our lives, but this future will offer us the chance to live better and happier lives.”

It goes on: “The future will not be like the present.

It will be a much better, better world.

You have seen the difference.”