‘Bizarre’ case of missing children in Kerala: The police officer who is the first suspect

The mother of a missing five-year-old girl said that the girl’s father, who is also the accused in the case, has been caught.

In a news report, police said that an alleged accomplice of the accused, a local man named Raju, had confessed to kidnapping and raping the child and keeping her for ransom.

The accused is the second person in the family, a father-of-five, who has also been arrested.

He has also confessed to the kidnapping and rape of the girl, the police said.

The girl’s mother, who works in a construction shop, said that her daughter has been missing for more than five years.

She told NDTV that her husband had given her a fake ID to travel to Mumbai in order to get a job.

He was arrested after the woman found out.

According to the police, the suspect is in the custody of the Kottayam police station.

The police have also requested the Kerala High Court to take over the investigation.

The woman who filed the police complaint in 2016 told NDtv that her family has lost hope of finding her daughter.

“We want to know if her parents are alive.

We are very concerned,” she said.