4.4 million Indians are getting treatment for HIV in the past year – ANI

An Indian man is being treated for HIV-positive infection in the country, the first time a case has been reported in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Dr Manjinder Singh, who works at the JNU-Mumbai Centre for AIDS Research and Treatment, said he and his team had treated two men in the city and had received four new diagnoses from them.

He said the new cases had been reported from different parts of the state, including the capital, Kolkata.

He did not disclose the total number of new infections that were reported in India, but said the total of the infections was not much.

Dr Singh said that the first new case reported in Bengaluru in September was in a private home in south Bengaluru.

“The second case came on October 11 in a public housing project in south Mumbai,” he said.

“A third case was reported in a single home in South Mumbai on October 20.”

We have been trying to treat all these people with various combinations of anti-HIV medications and drugs.

“In this case, we have been treating the woman, who has developed symptoms of fever, chills and fatigue and we have also started treating the man who is suffering from the same,” Dr Singh said.

He added that the woman was being treated in a hospital in Mumbai.

“This is a huge breakthrough in the field of treatment of HIV in India,” he added.

India reported 576 new HIV infections in March, a 20% rise from February, and 674 new infections in September, the highest monthly figure in over a decade.

In August, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that more than one in 10 Indians who were HIV-negative or living with HIV were living with the virus in the previous 12 months.