Begging for Attention: A video for ‘Begging for More Attention’

Kids attention gold!

Begging a friend for attention, begging for a favour!

A video by Swedish kids attention gold star, Kylie Jenner, is taking the world by storm, so we thought it was high time we took a closer look.

So, why Kylie’s video?

For starters, she’s a huge star.

Her video was shared by more than 100 million people in its first hour and the video has already surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube.

It’s a record for a video.

In the video Kylie shows off her super-curvy body, which she’s dressed in the most flattering clothes imaginable: jeans and a bikini, all of which are black and gold.

Kylie is then seen kissing her bestie, and we’re reminded of how beautiful she is in all of her makeup, which is covered in gold highlights.

She is so hot that we’ve seen her face on many different platforms, from a modelling website to Instagram, to her website.

This is what Kylie looks like in real life: The gold on Kylie-Jenner’s cheeks is gold.

Kylie has also shown off a very attractive body in her video, wearing a white bikini top that is cut from the top to the bottom, with her natural tits hidden by a white bra and a long sleeve shirt.

The gold bikini top is part of a body that Kylie has always had, and it’s only natural that she would show it off in her own video.

Kylies body is also part of her beauty.

Her face is super-full of colour.

The most prominent colour in KylieJenners video is a light pink and it shows through in the gold highlights on her face.

Kyli’s golden skin is part and parcel of her glamour, and her face is a perfect example of that.

Kylielands gold highlights are also a part of Kylie, as she’s been wearing a lot of gold jewellery over the past few months, including her diamond ring. 

When Kylie talks about her body in the video, she says that she “has never been super-comfortable” with her curves, which would make sense, given that Kylies favourite band, Kyli, has been in the news for her weight gain.

Kyliemans weight has been increasing since she was in high school, and she says she feels “lucky” that Kyli is the one who can control her weight, because Kyli has been the most supportive of her.

Kylierin says that her biggest struggle is dealing with her body, and Kyli gives her some advice on how to deal with that.

“Don’t be afraid to talk about your body.

You should talk about it,” Kylie tells Kylie.

“Don’t ever think you don’t know what it’s like to have a body.

Be proud of it.

You shouldn’t feel ashamed of it, but just be happy with it.” 

 I’m not sure Kylie and Kylie can live with each other in real-life, so the video is actually very relatable.

As Kylie explains, “I know that when I feel lonely, I’m not alone.

That’s how I feel with Kylie.”

The video is about Kylie learning how to be herself, but it also shows that Kyliemains journey is not about getting to the top of the social ladder.

It is about finding happiness, and finding a partner that you can trust.

Kylina, the other girl in the band, has a lot more to offer than just her amazing body.

With the help of her boyfriend, a professional model named Alex, she was able to go from being the most successful girl in her band, to the most unattractive one.

Kylin and Kyliel have both learned to love and accept their bodies, and that is the most important thing to learn from Kylie in the world right now.

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