How to use Facebook to track attention seekers

In this post, I’ll show you how to use the Facebook attention seekers tool to see how your attention seekers can be used in your marketing efforts.

Facebook Attention Seekers (also known as Facebook Interest Seekers) are a Facebook tool that enables you to monitor how many of your Facebook friends are interested in an article.

In order to use them, you’ll need a Facebook account. 

Once you’ve set up your account, you can choose the number of followers you want to track, how many topics you want them to track (for example, 1,000 for news articles, 3,000 posts for social posts, or 10,000 to track topics) and how long they’ll be open. 

Then, you just need to enter your interest criteria, select your subject (like a news article, or a post on your Facebook wall), and then click on the “Follow” button.

The Facebook Interest seekers tool can be found in the app’s settings.

Here you’ll find a “Follow me” button that lets you add more interest seekers to your account.

Then, when you click on “Follow”, you’ll be presented with a list of interest seekers that you can add to your FB account.

You’ll also see the number and type of interest seeker in the top-right corner.

You can also select “follow this interest seeker” to see their profile, if they have any and the type of posts they have.

Facebook Interest Seeker settingsThe following screenshot is an example of the “Find” and “Follow interest seekers” buttons on the interest seeker tool.

The “Find interest seekers by topic” and the “follow interest seekers topic” options allow you to select the topics of interest to track.

The top left corner of the Interest seekers page is a list that lists the interest seekers currently tracking an article in your FB community.

The “Find Interest Seekings” buttonOn the Interest seeker page, you see a list with “Follow Interest seekers by Topic”.

You can select the topic from the list to see what interest seekers are tracking in the article.

If you have a large number of interest seekers, you may see a lot of articles with interest seekers.

If you only have a few interest seekers, you won’t be able to see the same number of posts.

In that case, you need to add more interested seekers to the interest search list.

You see this by clicking on “More interested seekers”. 

The Interest seekers list can be a little confusing.

For example, you might have one interest seeker tracking news articles and another interested seeker tracking social posts. 

You’ll want to check the “Add more interested seeker” box to add your interest seekers more easily. 

The “Follow interested seekers by subject” button will let you select the interest searcher that you want.

You have two options here: “Follow this interest searchers topic”, or “Follow these interest searters”. 

Once again, you have to enter the interest criteria.

You select the subject you want from the interest seeking list, click “Follow, then follow this interest search” to add the interest to your interest search. 

After adding the interest, you will see the “Related” button in the bottom right corner of your Interest seekers article. 

Facebook Interest seekers “Follow topics” optionsThe “Related Interests” button lets you select what you want the interest seeker to track for a specific topic.

The subject you choose here is your topic.

You will need to select “Follow Topics” to track the interest. 

To find more interested interest seekers in the same topic, you click the “Search Interests by Topic” button to find interest seekers with the same subject.

You then click “Search” on the subject. 

In the example above, you’re interested in tracking news, so you select “Search News”. 

You then click the same button to track social posts and posts from your Facebook group. 

Now, you’ve found more interest seeker interest seekers within the same Topic. 

But how can you use them in your Facebook marketing efforts? 

There are two ways you can use Facebook interest seekers:1.

Attract Interest Seek