Rebelution to focus on new trends

New Delhi: In an attempt to improve the quality of attention span among the youth, the BJP government on Friday announced a radical overhaul of the way the attention span is measured.

In a move to focus more on new and emerging trends, the government will introduce an initiative to focus attention on “disconnecting,” a new focus on the brain’s ability to “disengage,” and “distracting” from the flow of information.

The focus on disconnecting will be implemented through a system where students and teachers are taught to focus their attention on specific activities and not the general state of affairs in the room.

They will also be taught to notice and react to the noise and distraction around them.

This, they will be told, will help them “feel better, stay focused, stay awake and avoid any distractions”.

The new focus is expected to provide better access to information for the students.

It will also help the government make it easier to measure students’ attention span.

In the past, attention spans were measured by counting how long it took students to learn something and then using that as the standard for the overall length of time it took them to learn.

“We have to take the measure of the learning process and make sure that students are taught about learning processes.

The way we measure learning processes is through a time-frame, and if we don’t measure the learning processes, we can’t measure their success,” said a senior government official.

The official, who did not wish to be named, added that the government was also looking at ways to make the system more accurate.

“The government has taken a holistic approach to improving the quality and quantity of learning.

We have set up the government to track and monitor the student’s learning processes and then measure how long students were learning,” the official said.