What You Need to Know About Driver Attention Warning (DEW) from Apple

Apple has announced its latest driver attention warning system, which is a feature which allows drivers to warn their passengers of the presence of other drivers.

The system was first introduced in the latest OS X Lion and will appear in iOS 9 and macOS Sierra.

It is currently enabled on a per-vehicle basis, but Apple says it will be extended to other systems in the future.

In the new system, drivers are given a notification on the screen and a warning can be displayed as soon as the other driver approaches their vehicle, according to the company.

The notification will display a “warning” icon next to the driver’s name and a button to close the warning.

It will also indicate the presence and proximity of other vehicles and will display the distance from the driver to the other vehicle, the company said.

Apple says the driver attention system is designed to help drivers avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Driver attention warning is designed specifically for drivers with advanced driver training, or who are familiar with the “safety” features of their own car.

Apple also says that the system has been tested on a wide range of vehicle models, and is only intended for the “most experienced drivers”.

Drivers with lower levels of driver training will not be affected, it added.

Apple is still testing the system in a number of markets, but the company says it expects it to be rolled out to all vehicles by the end of the year.